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We use an advanced system for hosting and servers characterized by a strong infrastructure that made it the best in terms of security and stability .
Fast & ReliableIt can help you, but you also have to be aware of what you're doing .

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Open a conversation with the monthly rental system in writing only

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Opening a chat with a monthly rental system, the advanced version live broadcast system

Start from$ 60.00 640 p/mo

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You can unlock 6 sites with 10 built in with all advanced versions with video validity added

Start from$ 213.33 only a month sorry p/mo

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If your hosting has been jailed and your site has been hacked, you can refund your hosting amount since you signed up

If you not satisfy with ksahost, we will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk. You can cancel plan at any time.

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the conditions very important

Condition number one, please click here

No FTPO or cpanel We do not provide SEO services like Google Rank seo We dont provide page design services

Please click here Condition number 2
The design is uniform. Special features can only be requested by agreement When you first register, we open the domain of your choice for free, or install your domain on our servers.

Please click here Condition number three

In the event that the site is not paid for more than 60 days, the hosting has the right to act on the site

Please click here Fourth condition

You have the right to request a domain transfer to another host if your subscription period exceeds 6 months and you have paid all dues The new appointment is a minimum period of 3 months, at a value of 600 riyals or 180 dollars, after which you can renew it monthly with 60 dollars or 200 riyals Prices vary and are not set by taxes either We have the right to close your site without refund if your site offends religions, policies or countries of the world . .

Fifth condition please click here

In the event of selling the site, the balance of the remaining months remains on the site and is not transferred to the seller in his balance In the event that you wish to sell your site, please contact us to act as an intermediary between you and the buyer in order to ensure the transfer of ownership to the buyer

The last and very important condition, please click here
Dear customer, if the monthly subscription is not paid for more than 30 days, we have the right to close the site


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